World specialist of machine cut Cubic Zirconium (cz) and synthetic stones faceting machine - Dalloz Industrie Lapidary offers gemstone cut, star cut : corundums, spinels, marcassite...

Dalloz Industrie Lapidaire established in 1917 in the French Haut-Jura region, close to Geneva-Switzerland. DALLOZ Group is specialized in the mechanical cutting of synthetic stones for jewellery.
DALLOZ Group is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of:
- White Cubic Zirconia (Hearts and Arrows, 100 facets, . . . )
- Coloured Cubic Zirconia,
- Synthetic Coloured Stones: spinels and corundums.
We produce more than 400 million synthetic stones per year and have more than 500 customers worldwide.
Thanks to our knowledge and techniques, we are able to produce the best qualities of stones at competitive prices. New products in 2008: green CZ fire resistant, 100 facets, pastel sapphire.

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