World specialist of machine cut Cubic Zirconium (cz) and synthetic stones faceting machine - Dalloz Industrie Lapidary offers gemstone cut, star cut : corundums, spinels, marcassite...





ECLATS is a new brand born from the merging of DALLOZ and DURAFOURG. These two major actors have combined all their know-how and innovative drive into a single, unified brand. A single brand offering more presence and proximity, entirely dedicated to servicing customers.

Increased reactivity and solution-oriented involvement from unified sales teams, responding to a wide variety of needs.



ECLATS is one of the World leaders in the industry of Swiss machine-cut Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic stones and genuine Marcassite.

For decades, DALLOZ and DURAFOURG have developed and implemented technologies that have brought the art of cutting stones to new and unparalleled heights.

It is through selecting the best rough material and observing the strictest production criteria in terms of colour, geometry, precision cutting and polishing that DALLOZ and DURAFOURG can take pride in providing Jewellery manufacturers with constant and stable supplies of sparkling stones of unrivalled quality. .



- White and coloured Cubic Zirconia are 100% Swiss machine-cut, 100% Star effect and 100% cut from worldwide known American CERES eco-friendly rough material.
- Synthetic Stones are cut from French RSA rough Corundums and Spinels.
- Natural Stones include Marcassite, Black Spinel, Black Onyx, Green Agate...


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